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Best Freelance Jobs for a Digital Nomad

Posted by Wendy Thompson on August 1, 2018
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For many people, backpacking is more than just a hobby – it’s a way of life. With the advances in technology and the rise of Web-outsourced projects, backpacking has become more appealing and tolerable.

To participate in this digital movement, you just need a laptop, a stable Internet connection, adequate supplies, and the perseverance to accomplish your projects.

Also, you can jumpstart your backpacking journey with these popular freelancing jobs.

Content Writing

Considered as one of the most popular freelancing jobs ever, content writing has enjoyed a stable growth across all niches. With more websites being created from time to time, the need for content has also increased drastically, granting opportunities for many people. If you want a backpacker lifestyle, you can benefit from being a content writer. There are lots of topics that you can choose from and the pay scale is tolerable. As you gain expertise, you can expect for more high-paying projects.

Virtual Assitance (VA)

Since online services will always be on demand, starting a full-operation VA team seems like a nice choice. There are tons of VA-related tasks to do, especially if you’re clients are busy. A large chunk of your capital will go through equipment because VAs need high-quality performance. Most VA roles and tasks are typically outsourced in Philippines and some other parts of Asia. Some of the popular VA tasks are cold calling, appointment setting, data entry services, content management, social media marketing, lead generation, transcription services online and outbound sales.

Web Design

Since the number of websites has increased, there’s no surprise that the field of web design became more prominent than ever.

Web design is gradually easy to begin with if you have background in coding. At first, you can tackle easy projects and you can move on to large-scale and more complex jobs over the years.

If you have no knowledge about coding yet, now is the right time to learn it.

In one sitting, you can find dozens of websites that can help you learn about the basic foundations of web design.

SEO Specialist

With marketing on the rise, SEO became more valuable as well. In fact, online businesses can rise and fall depending on the effectiveness of the SEO campaign. As a freelance SEO specialist and digital marketing strategist, your task is to ensure that all aspects of the campaign are running smoothly. To do this, you may need to integrate various skills, such as social media marketing, content marketing, coding, and client engagement processes.

Due to the responsibilities and outsource search engine marketing services involved, it’s no surprise that expert SEO are well-paid. Backpacking is a rewarding journey that you can partake in. Just make sure that you can balance income and fun efficiently.

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How to make your company’s blog on the “Top” of search engines

Posted by Wendy Thompson on December 26, 2017
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The simplest way to explain what is Search Engine Optimizer is to think how to
put your Blog and website on the “Top” of search engines (Google, Ask.com, Yahoo,
etc.) results. These are some simple tips How to optimize your blog.

First, make a blog for your company. You should not use blog title that is already
used or almost the same as yours, search engines will put it in the last and readers
don’t read the last.

Pick the most specific key words in making your titles. These are
some tips how you should write your blog, so that readers will stay longer and read
more about your blog. Write everything about your company on the blog. How you
should write your blog?

The first thing is make a title that will be connected to your
company and it should be specific. Used the most specific words in making your title
this is to point out your company’s products, service etc.

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This is will also a good technique so that search engines results will directly pull
your blog. After having your title, the most vital point of the blog is your introduction, if
the readers will see that your blog is out of the topic he will close it right away. You
should not let this happen. Your introduction should content with the most specific
discussion of your topic this will make your readers to read more. Next is make the
content of your blog simple that readers can understand it clearly.

The best way to make your blog simple is to use common words. Also Site your
factual information’s like statistics, data, theories etc. to support your blogs. And the last
one is be creative, write your blog in creative way in content and in design. That readers
attracted to read it, used designs that will fit the theme of your topic.

These simple tips will surely help you making your blog optimize, you can also
search for other kinds of technique in optimizing your blog or website. Remember what
is written here can also be used for any website.

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Why invest your company to SEO?

Posted by Wendy Thompson on November 6, 2017
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Starters in business should know the advantage of putting an effort in
SEO. Even if it’s all about just writing and article, doesn’t mean that it won’t
influence the world to purchase your product. Actually, it does! These
technological devices may have been constantly innovating, the basic
component of it is still there. A good promotion of your business starts at
making article while tweaking your service is a start for you.

First and foremost, SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is a technique
used by most of an e-commerce entrepreneurial business to make their article
first while searching in Google.

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Why does it counts? It is because if people
would see your article on the upper part of the search engine, what’s in their
mind is that it is reliable and it has answers that would answer their questions.

The more likely the service you are offering will be recognized and patronized.
Second, this technique will never be out of style. You’ll never worry if it will
run out of time, because this is very applicable and practical to use especially
if you want to promote and advertising segment online. As long as their are
writers in your company, SEO will keep on running if you would invest not
much of your money. Surely, the feedback of it will be good and your
company will soar high!

Money-wise, SEO won’t pull your company to
bankruptcy, because you are just going to pay for google and the writers and I
guess, it won’t cost that much. If you would risk to invest, there nothing to
worry because it won’t get you a negative feedback, just pick the most
powerful writers you can find in your vicinity.

Where are living right now in a technological peak and you can’t blame
people if they would ask reviews from your previous customers about your
company. Seo’s will provide them for you and at the end of the day, you’ll
never regret investing your time, money and effort for a change in your


Pro’s and Con’s of SEO

Posted by Wendy Thompson on September 6, 2017
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As a businessman, it is a must for you to be open-minded especially if we
are going to talk about the stake of your business. In deciding if which tool are
you going to use in promoting and stabilizing the sales, it is better to try a
research on yourself, even if you are that busy, because these small effort
you would exert will be paid off after a good feedback.

In SEO, even if it could benefit the company, as an assurance for you,
take the both sides of advantage and disadvantage to you knowledge as it
greatly influence you decision whenever it won’t work for your company


It has been placed in an SEO quote that an SEO’s job is to make sure that
your writer knows where to hit the audience to get attention. This is the
reason why the article has to be generalized, so
that there will be restrictions to gender and age.

Once your audience will be
for all, then there will be a guarantee that your company will be recognized by
many people. The more many could see it, the high chance that it will be
patronized. An exposure of a company’s highlighted product or service will be
a medium for those people who are looking for an efficient solution. In
addition, all you need is only a productive and powerful article, then the
google will do all of the other jobs.


We may deny it or not, but SEO requires time to be successful. Especially
if this is just your first time publishing an SEO, well don’t put your high hopes
too much, as it sometimes takes years to be highly recognized. Also, if you
are into a competitive niche, then it would require your investment of higher
amount of money, as you are going to fight with big companies, too. If you
want an immediate and fast results, then I gues SEO is not the right one for

In looking at the two sides of a story will not bring you into too much
horror, nevertheless it could help you oversee things in a better view rather
than to stay at a bottom pace.