The simplest way to explain what is Search Engine Optimizer is to think how to
put your Blog and website on the “Top” of search engines (Google,, Yahoo,
etc.) results. These are some simple tips How to optimize your blog.

First, make a blog for your company. You should not use blog title that is already
used or almost the same as yours, search engines will put it in the last and readers
don’t read the last.

Pick the most specific key words in making your titles. These are
some tips how you should write your blog, so that readers will stay longer and read
more about your blog. Write everything about your company on the blog. How you
should write your blog?

The first thing is make a title that will be connected to your
company and it should be specific. Used the most specific words in making your title
this is to point out your company’s products, service etc.

google search

This is will also a good technique so that search engines results will directly pull
your blog. After having your title, the most vital point of the blog is your introduction, if
the readers will see that your blog is out of the topic he will close it right away. You
should not let this happen. Your introduction should content with the most specific
discussion of your topic this will make your readers to read more. Next is make the
content of your blog simple that readers can understand it clearly.

The best way to make your blog simple is to use common words. Also Site your
factual information’s like statistics, data, theories etc. to support your blogs. And the last
one is be creative, write your blog in creative way in content and in design. That readers
attracted to read it, used designs that will fit the theme of your topic.

These simple tips will surely help you making your blog optimize, you can also
search for other kinds of technique in optimizing your blog or website. Remember what
is written here can also be used for any website.